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Have you used this site? Well, its not a new utility to discuss, but, I have been using it for some time and it could prove pretty useful for some. I recently restarted running in the morning. Now, I don't have anything to measure the distance I run. If it is a regular road, it is possible to drive the same distance in the vehicle and measure the distance. But some times you run on a track where vehicles don't go. I initially started measuring time. Then knowing  a normal jogging speed which is normally around 8-9 kms/hr, I tried to calculate the distance I run using distance=speed * time. But this is not a very satisfying way for one who wishes to make note of exact distance. So, I started using
It is a very useful utility. It allows you to measure distance anywhere on the earth provided the picture is available. Depending on the quality of the picture, you can access difficult and non measurable paths on the earth. You can click on the path and respective distance is measured. You can go on clicking on the path to add up the distance. Here, is a distance measurement of the walking/running track around the Shivaji Park in Mumbai. Though the quality of the picture available is not great, but still you can measure distance. 
If you wish, you can measure the distance passing through the Park also where vehicles won't be allowed.
So, now no matter where you run, measure the distance.

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