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Etihad Airways: The World is our Home, You are our Guest

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A very beautiful ad for Etihad Airways has started airing on TV recently. The ad clearly put forth their motto "The World is our Home, You are our Guest". Every thing about this ad seems beautiful. It tries to convey a message that Etihad Airways takes inspiration from the surroundings and brings them in the services they provide. You can have the same feeling while walking through the lounge of Etihad Airways as you get when you are walking in a  tree covered beautiful park. The comfort you have while enjoying the scene outside the plane window is the same that you get in your comfortable chair at home. The ad goes on to show such similarities in parallel windows and thus help you connect with the comfort and the facilities provided by Etihad Airways. 
The best part of the ad is the background song that rings a bell. It is a famous song by Bobby Darin "Beautiful Things" long back from 1960-70s. I wonder how all these old songs still has a magic that unknowingly makes to start swinging with their notes and turns anything beautiful. If you realize most of the musical ads I have talked have used some old melodious song in background. The ad covers first three paragraphs of that song with a little twitching to the last line to suit to ad.
The lyrics goes like this:
The world is full of beautiful things,
Butterfly wings, fair tale kings,
And each new day undoubtedly brings,
Still more beautiful things.
The world abounds with many delights,
Magical sights, fanciful flights,
And those who dream on beautiful nights,
Dream of beautiful things.
Beautiful days of Sunshine lazing,
Beautiful skies n shores,
Beautiful days when I can gaze in beautiful people like you.

The original Bobby Darin song has pretty more beautiful things in it. You can listen complete song here:
and find complete lyrics at this link:
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