Friday, December 18, 2009

Mumbai to Paris

Month back I boarded the flight to Paris. The route was not direct, but with one halt at Dubai.

I had this curiosity about Dubai airport. Heard a lot from people about it being one of the best airports in the world. But truly speaking, I did not find it amazing from any direction.
Since on this route you only cross a sea, it leaves nothing to show or mention regarding the route. But of course you can spot well known and heard places like Musqat and Abu Dhabi on the TV screen in front of you while landing at Dubai. The flight was a quick one and hardly took ~ 3.15 hrs. to land at Dubai.

The Dubai airport seems quite simple one, but with bit confusing routes to reach the next departure gate. I could not find any signs to get the direction. So, I what I did, followed the people moving in front of me. I guess, was fortunate that they were also moving to catch their next flight and not moving out.
Next flight from Dubai to Paris was a bit long ( compared to first one). I had decided to locate all the spots the plane crosses enroute. But being tired because of sleepless night waiting for the flight, I don't remember when I lost my consciousness. It was only after 3.00 – 3.30 hrs I guess, when the airhostess awoke me up and asked if I wanted some thing to eat, drink? I do not remember well,but I told her something, she offered me something. I took it, finished it and was back into sleep with in no minutes. I think I had Orange juice! I was so under the influence of sleep, that I noticed only while landing that there was very beautiful girl ( imagine a little short Steffi Graf ) sitting next to me!
Although I lost all the track, but I recollect few spots I noticed on the way. Based on that I tried to track the way I reached Paris. So here is the probable way I followed.

My flight passed over Istanbul which means I crossed countries IRAQ! Syria, Turkey and Ankara.

After Istanbul, I was again lost and faintly remember reading Zagrab, Muchen and Zurich. I remember of Zagreb because I have read about Zagreb indices in QSAR (Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship) method. I remember able to see some land covered white even at that distance. I just thought I have seen the tip of the Alps. And very soon I spotted Zurich on one side and Munchen written on my screen. No reason why I remember reading Munchen but Zurich is definitely known word to those who are familiar with the beauty of Switzerland. This indirectly suggests the track through countries Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Harzegovina, Croatia, part of Italy, Austria, border of Germany and Switzerland!

Well that is a big list of countries I crossed. The list must be a bit more long but these are the prominent names everybody knows for some or the other reason.
By the time we crossed Zurich, Paris was close by and it was time for all the passengers to get back to their sense and get ready for the landing. Once we were inside the borders of France, with surprising speed we crossed France and soon reached the other part of France.
The flight landed safely at the Charles de Gaulle Airport and I put my first feet on European soil.

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