Friday, March 29, 2013

Bazooka: threat to internet

Ka Jo
For last couple of days, all bloggers like me probably must be feeling little depressed. One thing that is common among all the bloggers is their eye towards traffic visiting their blog. For past couple of days probably every blogger must be little worried and might even have started introspecting whether they are on right track in blogging or is it over for them with no new traffic attracting posts in mind. There was a sharp decrease in traffic observed by bloggers and at a point it even became pretty much stagnant.
The sole reason for the worry was a cyber attack named "Bazooka" which apparently is the biggest cyber attack of its kind. The story goes like this. A Geneva based group called "Spamhaus" is involved in creating a list of  site that falls under spam. All different networks use this list to keep their networks free from spam by blocking all the addresses provided in the list. This group is the reason why our email and other internet services remain clean. Recently, this group put one of the dutch website group on the list. Now the website owners feel that this move was wrong and they should not be blacklisted. Apparently this cyber attack started only after blacklisting of this website. The attack was targeted towards "Spamhaus" that creates the black list for spams
The tactics used behind this cyber attack was little different as one understands. Instead of targeting the customers, it attacked the network providers. It is little difficult to understand how it managed to slow down whole internet system, but apparently the effect was significantly observed in European domain. 
I believe the worst is over. I can once again see growing traffic on my blog. Hopefully, this does not get worse and we enjoy worry less browsing.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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