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Drought in India

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I have been hearing a lot about the worst ever drought situation in western India this year. Apparently, this is the worst ever situation in last 4 decades. So, I tried reading a little bit to know what actually is ground reality. The above picture is one I found on the following link:
To those,who are not facing any such crisis, this is a wake up call. Water is precious and should be used very cautiously.  Not only proper use, attempts to save water are also important
 There are two set of people, those who have to struggle to get water, and those who don't have to care at all. One can fall in either of these sets at any point of time. Normally what happens is when someone is in such a situation, his/her social awareness quotient suddenly rises and he/she start taking all the precautions to make minimum use of water. But as soon as his situation improves and he/she has a liberty with water, awareness quotient suddenly drops. Water becomes a substance of leisure. Washing Cars without wondering how much water is lost in it, becomes a routine. Bathing time triples and throwing water on each other just for fun doesn't seems wrong anymore.
People are ready to drill many times in the same area spending thousands of rupees till they find a source, but if suggested to spend some money to install rain harvesting system in the buildings, it is a wastage of time and money. 
Even after 65 years of Independence, our major issue is providing water to people and millions of them receives water only through tankers. It is a shameful situation. I understand this year it did not rained as well as every year, but it also was not a totally rain less year. It rained well enough in many regions but not all the water was saved. A major portion of all the rain water still goes down the drain in absence of proper system. Lot of funding is provided to tackle the water shortage problem but the problem is still unsolved and nobody knows where does all the money vanishes.
A lot is happening under the name of water relief but looking at the picture above, expecting any such relief in near future doesn't seem probable. If the situation is not contained, sooner more such pictures will start appearing at every nooks and corners of India.
Please follow the link to know the water crisis in India and what can be done to overcome it :
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