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Mango Frooti: Fresh 'n' Juicy

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A fantastic ad for Frooti has started airing on TV. The ad is watchable for many reasons.First and foremost is the concept of the ad which is very simple and that's why so interesting. All they want to convey is Frooti takes you back to your childhood days. Another interesting thing to look for is the presence of Shahrukh Khan in ad. Initially when I watched this ad, for a moment I thought, what? Shahrukh Khan in Frooti ad!
But then why not? If Salman, Ranbir, Katrina, Priyanka can, then why not Shahrukh. I must say, mere presence of Shahrukh Khan in the ad has turned it into something different, many notch higher. All he does in the ad is drink Frooti and then ask a question "What?" in his charismatic style. To add to the flavor  we have a nice back ground song which I guess nobody would understand. I am guessing it is Spanish. It starts on a very slow mode to begin with, but as Shahrukh goes on gulping Frooti down his throat, it swings into fast mode and gives the ad an interesting turn.
What I liked most is the concept behind the ad. Simply put, Frooti takes you back to your childhood days. Ad begins with a bunch of small kids sitting around Shahrukh (apparently the Coach) in a Football ground. When Shahrukh opens a Frooti bottle and starts drinking it, all eyes are glued to his action of drinking Frooti. It apparently is a part of going to childhood memories that ends when Frooti is finished and everybody watching come to senses. What we see then is the reality that its not the children but fully grown Football players who were lost in their sweet childhood memories. This ad is worth watching for the concept and for the presentation.
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