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Sprite: Chalo apni chal

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Sprite has two new ads running on TV with a theme of "Chalo apni Chal". The theme basically revolves around the idea that you can get what you desire in spite of all the odds and tough situation if you have a good presence of mind and to think different.
The background for both the ads is pretty simple. A beautiful girl and a normal guy wishing to be with her. But in between he has to tackle very tough competitions of three other guys who rank much higher than him. Ad goes on show how with his presence of mind and think different attitude, he manages to overcome all the obstacles.
Music is  simple, catchy and little bit comical. Lyrics are simple and apt. good enough to convey message in minimum words. Singing is mostly audible except at few places where it is almost impossible to understand no matter how hard you try. But it really doesn't matter since the message is conveyed.
First Ad
Guldaste se nikli thi voh, lagti thi garden
Good morning
Raste main kante the
aur ek koi janardan
Lets start
John ne apna teer nishane pe pakda,
Johny ne apne shikanje main jakda,
Janardan ka vaar tha sabse tagda,
waw! aur tum?
Aap log fantastic the, ab agle hafte milenge
lekin tum, roj do ghante mere sath bitaoge
Sprite chalo apni chal

Second Ad
Idhar khade hum, udhar kudi soni
Middle main aa tapke
ek koi aur tha
Amar -----  (difficult to understand, fill  up if you can)
Match dekhne aana, captain hoon
Akbar ka tha yahi dhanda
natak dekhne aana, hero hoon
Anthony that sabse ganda
Concert main aana, lead singer hoon
Aur tum?
Akeli kahan kahan jayengi aap, sath chalte hain
Pehle match dekhenge, fir natak, fir convert
aah, thats a cool idea!
Sprite chalo aapni chal

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