Saturday, March 23, 2013

Standard Chartered: Jaisa Naam vaisa Kaam

Quite often we come across people with mismatching names and personalities. It unknowingly happens that if you know the meaning of a name you start correlating it with that person's personality. Over the time, we realize that it was a futile effort since name does not reflect the real person. The problem behind this mismatch is a person is given a name without knowing the personality. He/She receives his/her name from parents in a time when he/she is not in a position to take decision. Its the choice of their parents and they give name by their wish without knowing the character of the child. Well nobody can change that and so this discrepancy will always be found.
This is the theme that Standard Chartered has used to advertise its good character. Contrary to what one see in day to day life, Standard Chartered savings account delivers according to the name by actually saving one's money and thus sets an example.
It gives 5% cash back on all your debit card expenditures. It also has arrangements to give you as good as 8% interest on your unused money sitting idle in bank. This is as good as having a fixed deposit term without any obligation. The bank also has plans to give cash back facility on home loans though with some conditions.
The ad designed just shows this difference by giving examples of people with mismatching names and characters and in contrast how Standard Chartered savings account lives up to its name.

Problems ke pitare main aur ek problem,
Kai logon ke naam se unki personality ki compatibility hi nahi,

Jaise Mr. Naveen,
Lekin inke khayalat, rahne dijiye.

Exhibit no.2
naam main shant, silent.

(Tiger NO, NO)
Aur kuch naam, baas naam ke liye

Ab inhe dekhiye, naam Ranvijay.

Yaa fir inhe, Ms. Bulbul,
Awaj nikle to kawwe bhi depress ho jain.

In mahashay se miliye, naam Hurry
par inki raftar pe ghadi ki sui bhi fut fut ke roti hai

Shukar hai ek naam hai jo apna kaam kare,
Standard Chartered savings account.
Jo sach much save kare
Jaisa Naam Vaisa Kaam

Unknown / Author & Editor

Has laoreet percipitur ad. Vide interesset in mei, no his legimus verterem. Et nostrum imperdiet appellantur usu, mnesarchum referrentur id vim.


Vcope said...

Is this a good promotional strategy defaming others to make yourself popular and better.

Myself Ranvijay. Hope you could remind one of the commercial defaming the same.

Ka Jo said...

One of the basic ideas behind advertising is to convince people how their product is better than others. And to prove that, advertisers may go any length. This particular ad is pretty mild in that respect. Its doesn't target any other brand directly.
Thanks Ranvijay for visiting and leaving the comment. Keep visiting.

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