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Puran Utilities - a useful software for a faster system

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Few days back, I had troubles working on my laptop . It had become so slow that sometimes if I wish to open a file, I used to click on the icon and leave it to prepare a cup of tea for myself. By the time I return with hot cup of tea in hand, the file would just be opening. I used to regularly perform disk clean up, defragmentation and disk check. I also had a software for registry cleaner. But none of these really helped me. I was thinking to reinstall the operating system or convert it totally into Linux or any such drastic measurements which might help to make my laptop little faster.
During such a time of desperate need, I came across a software called "Puran Utilities". I am little surprised that it is available freely on net. Its a collection of some 24  different utilities in a package which are pretty useful to make your system perform faster. In addition to routine disk clean, defragmentation and disk check utilities, it also allows you to do registry cleaner and registry defragmentation. In addition, it has few more useful utilities like cleaning empty folders, fixing short cuts, a utility to uninstall software's which needs to be forced  to uninstall as well as managing the start up booting. In addition of providing utilities separately, it also provides a maintenance wizard which allows you to apply minimum necessary utilities to help your system perform better.
I would just caution anybody to be careful because Puran Utilities also include utilities like "Permanent Delete" or "Wipe Disk". These might be useful for some but otherwise one should be careful not to mistakenly apply them.
I personally used Puran Utitlities and found amazing results. My laptop has sprung back into life and is delivering a much better performance now. I don't see any chances of reinstalling or moving to Linux or selling it in near future.
I tried to visit the website for Puran Utilities, but it is not working anymore it seems.
But if you wish to download it, here is link on CNET Download which is working:
So, Use Puran Utilities and make your system better for use.
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