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Learning French VI: pardon, n'est pas, mais

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In this post of learning French, we will try to construct few simple sentences using the knowledge we have already gained from earlier post and also learn a few word usages very common among French.
To begin with, one word you will hear a lot while moving around in say crowd is "Pardon". Now, this is once again pretty much an English word. But check for the French pronunciation of this word which comes little bit like say "Paardon" with  'd' little mild.
Many a times we brush somebody while walking, you quickly say "Excuse me" in English. Well, "Pardon" do the same job in French. After "Merci" meaning "Thank You", Pardon is the another most used word by French.

In previous post, we learnt to say "It is good" = C'est bon
What if you want to say "It is not good"?
for negation in the form of not, french word is "pas" with silent 's' as suggested in earlier post.
But in general, an added negation is used along with "pas".

So, translation are:
It is       good =    C'est                  bon
It is not good = Ce + n'est + pas + bon
                         It   +    is not      + bon

Another word you need to know is "Mais" means "But". While you want to join two sentences, you many a times need this.
For example, continuing from our previous lesson if you want to translate the sentence,
"It is good but it is not comfortable"  to french, it will be,
C'est bon  + mais + ce n'est pas comfortable

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