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ICICI bank: Khayal Apka

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A new ad for ICICI bank has been appearing on TV for some time. It talks about the reward points you obtain on every transaction from your savings account.  It is a very beautiful ad. It comes to you as one of the innocent ads you have seen. The ad has a girl as the central character who, while returning from school, often visit a small shop where she buys a candy from the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper is what we call a "Khadus" guy or a scrooge. He doesn't let her take the candy without paying. One day apparently her brother accompanies her to the shop. Unfortunately her pocket gets loose from bottom and her money is lost. Brother's eyes are all set on the candy but knowing that she can't buy the candy, they start returning empty handed.  Just then the unexpected happens and the shopkeeper calls them and offers free candy.
Many things make this ad beautiful. First of all, credit goes to the innocent kids, specially the girl who has acted so sensibly and at the same time kept innocence on face all the time. The shopkeeper also plays his part well. Other thing that attracts is the back ground music. I am not expert with music, so I am guessing the main instrument is Sarod. Sarod automatically connects you to Kashmir valley and unknowingly takes you to that marvelous place. The background in the ad is so serene to eyes that you might start wondering where to concentrate on the story in the ad or at the beauty of the nature behind. The best part is the song in the ad. It is sung by some little artist who has put all the innocence in those words. I really tried hard to understand the lyrics but totally failed to make any sense. I believe its in Kashmiri language. I found an upload of the same ad on Youtube which not only gives the complete song in the information for the ad but also provide it with meaning. As I understand from the details provided, this is an old poem which actually has a  spiritual connection with old Kashmiri traditions. Better read and understand it at the link given below. Unfortunately, this link has ad running short by ten seconds. So, I am not embedding that link here. Though, you can check the lyrics  on this link:
 I am embedding another upload where you can watch it complete. This also provides the lyrics after the video, but without knowing the meaning, it might not be fun.
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