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Holi and unfortunate incidents

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Today's post is dedicated to those who become victim to people's insensitive fun activity.
Its a time of Holi celebration in India. A festival of colors. one of the basic ideas behind this festival is to indicate that we all are equal. Once you are drenched under different colors, it is difficult to recognize you as you. You look like everybody else. You loose your unique identity. Its a time for fun and getting together irrespective of your caste, creed, religion, social status.
(Photo courtesy: check for more colorful pictures at : http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/03/holi_2010.html)
But what happens when some of these people lost control over themselves and start having fun which is  insensitive towards others. Worse things happen, but the worst form of it we witness in cities like Mumbai. People in Mumbai over the years seems are becoming insensitive towards others. They try to have fun without giving a single thought that some people around might be troubled because of their fun. Among such activities, one activity is throwing water balloons on the commuters of local train. Mumbai locals are open and always crowded. People have to stand at the doors, sometimes hanging from the doors with only an inch of ground for support. When somebody from outside throws a water balloon on running train, some people looses controls and balance ending up falling from fast running train. This is very common in Mumbai local trains. Many people loose their lives. Others end up loosing their body parts making them pretty much useless for rest of their lives.
Mostly people who enjoy such insensitive moments are those who live in slum area around the local train routes. They don't really care if some body dies out of their fun. Because they don't wait back to see the consequences of their mischievousness.
This time even before Holi celebrations, people have started loosing lives. I wonder how worse it can get in coming two days. Police has ordered 5 years imprisonment for those who will be caught in such acts, but I doubt they have any strategy to arrest such people during the act. My suggestion to all the commuters would be to prefer stay at home. Your lives are more important that your job. And if it is still impossible to take a brake, try to make a safe journey.
Wish you all a very happy and safe Holi.
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