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Chevrolet Sail - When life gives you more

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Another  melodious commercial  has been airing on TV for sometime and this time it comes from Chevrolet Sail. It might not be an addictive one but it surely makes you take a break in what ever you are doing and admire the ad.
The ad is about a Father who after finishing his run comes to pick up his Son from games. The Son, enjoying skate board and unhappy to go, sits in Chevrolet Sail. As they start moving he realizes how the car is grabbing the attention from unexpected and other than human admirers. 
The ad has been beautifully captured with an interesting concept. It fully conveys the idea behind the ad, 
"More style than you expected, more admirers than you asked for". It also subtly shows different features of the Car.The music is fantastic and peppy. With a back ground music of "Tanga-Horse" , it adds a flavor of melody.The voice is also different and grabs attentions as words start pouring in.The lyrics are very simple and fun to follow.

I have been high
I have been low
I have seen smiles,so many miles
I have seen faces, so many faces
Tumsa nahi dekha
Tumsa nahi dekha

You are so hot, You are so smooth
My heart is on a slide
My head is going wild
Tu tu tu turu tu tu tu, tu tu turu too
Tumsa nahi dekha
Tumsa nahi dekha

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