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Sanjay Dutt: A Film like Life Story

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I was unaware that the final verdict on 1993 Bomb Blast Case is around the corner. Yesterday, when I came across the news, I was surprised. Suddenly we are seeing that lot of activities under the domain of justice has been happening. Few months back, the news of Ajmal Kasab and later Afzal Guru's hanging hit us and now the final verdict on ~ 20 years old case has come out. 
Out of all the convicts of this case, one name is very well known, Sanjay Dutt. I didn't know much about him before 1993. In 1993, his one movie named "Khalnayak" was released. I don't remember if it was before or after the bomb blast. But since then, Sanjay Dutt's image has taken a U-turn. He actually became a  "Khalnayak" in people's eyes. I don't know much history of the case, but things didn't looked good for him. He went to jail. For the first time, I witnessed a case where a well known celebrity was taken into custody. It changed our perspective of looking towards the judicial system.Till then, it was a usual belief that common man has one rule and rich people and celebrities have another. But this case made a difference and revealed that everybody is same in the eyes of law. 
After spending nearly 18 months, when Sanjay Dutt came out of prison, he apparently was a changed man. He started sounding down to earth and closer to common man. Lot of attempts were made to make an image makeover. He restarted working in movies and this time he came out good. One character that helped him immensely in changing his image was "Munna Bhai".  It really brought him back in the lime light. People even forgot for sometime that he is a convict and started appreciating him. He managed to create a soft corner in people's heart. He even tried to cash in on his popularity by entering in politics which didn't worked as expected for him.
All his attempts of image makeover went in vain. Supreme Court's final decision revealed that nobody is different in front of law. One who has attempted crime, must receive punishment. Sanjay Dutt has been given 5 years imprisonment. He has already spent 18 months behind the bars which leaves him to spend three and half years more, away from his celebrity status. 
These three and half years could be crucial. He recently started his family.This punishment is a massive jolt to his family. His settled life will again be destabilized. It may happen that after three and half years, he will have nothing to do in his film carrier and he will have to start over fresh. Things are going to change a lot. Not just for him but for everyone. Everyone will learn a lesson. Your crime can bring you under justice no matter who you are and what great powers you possess. A good lesson for every one to remember.
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