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Slice: iske samne sab fika pad jayega

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The new ad of Slice with Katrina Kaif once again, has started airing on TV. This particular ad has many reasons to watch it. Up till now, people watched Slice ads mostly because of the sensuous character played by Katrina. But this ad has added more ingredients to make it more appealing. The ad straight away gives a challenge to its rival mango based drinks for the quality. In the ad, a blind folded guy with Katrina with Slice on one side and another pretty girl with other Mango based drink with general name, Mango ( probably targeting Maaza) moves into a natural environment where no external forces can affect the  sensing power of the guy. Slice wins first test of smelling the drink, when guy starts sniffing for Slice even though at far distance than other drink. The test of taste also goes Slice way as the guy could not control himself after tasting Slice and try to grab the bottle to get more.
Many factors that make the ad interesting. First reason as it always has been is Katrina Kaif. She somehow fits in the ad perfectly and takes the Slice ads to another level. Second reason is the background music. It takes you back in the days of melody when the music itself was enough to make swing with it. Even, for 45 seconds you feel mesmerized and gets under control of the ad. Third reason is the song used in background. The famous song " Haal kaisa hai janab ka" from Chalti ka naam gadi. This song is really wonderful. I am confused if this should be the main reason, why this ad grabs lot of attention. The song is sung well and makes the words apt for every action in the ad. Using just four lines from the song, it covers the action of two tests  and their results in the ad.
Haal kaisa hai janab ka?
Kya khayal hai aapka
Tum to machal gaye, O, O,O,
Yunhi fisal gaye aa, aa,aa
Whether you like Slice or not, deosn't matter. Its a wonderful ad for many other reason to watch and really make a worth of your 45 seconds spent otherwise.

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