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Tzinga: wake up

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A new commercial for energy drink Tzinga has started airing for last couple of days.All that can be said  about it is, it could get addictive. Ad shows couple of people like a girl driving, a student studying, a guy working in office and a cashier at the counter. All of them tired and sleepy. And suddenly Tzinga drops on their desk from somewhere. "Tzinga the energy drink" wakes up every one and  fill them with so much energy that work efficiency increases multiple times.
The presentation of the ad is comical. All the characters lacking any X factor.All that this ad does is boast Tzinga. Music is funny  and changes gear drastic to show before and after situations of Tzinga. Singing voice used is apt for such kind of ads. It sounds  pretty irritating to ears in the beginning, but as this ad keeps falling on ears, though irritating, in combination with music, it may become addictive. Lyrics are difficult to follow being sung in such a odd and sometimes nasal voice. But here are the lyrics I managed to understand

I am feeling sleepy oh Mamma,
I am feeling sleepy oh Pappa,
I can't wake even if I try,
Why can't arise and shine,
forwardly I no go why.

Tzinga the energy drink 

Mmm mine  full of energy like a rocket oh Mamma,
Like a sun arises, shine and do anything Mamma,
Tzinga Tzinga Tzinga Tzinga Tzinga Tzinga drink  a Tzinga,
wake up Tzinga wake up Tzinga wake up Tzinga wake up Tzinga
Say bye to sleepy eh
Say no to drowsy eh
No one a lazy eh
No one a yawny eh
Drink a zinga 
Drink a zinga
Drink a zinga
Drink a zinga

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