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Panasonic: Say Yes to Less

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Panasonic brand has a new commercial airing on TV that advertises its new concept of  "Say Yes to Less, More to Life". The commercial talks about the inclusion of Green technology in different walks of life by Panasonic  which helps their customer to worry a little less. At the same time, the technologies employed makes their products consume less power and less water and thus reduce burden on earth. Commercial indicates the advantages of using Panasonic with the help of small events.
 I call this ad smooth on ears and eyes. I took me some time to realize, its Dia Mirza who is the lonely girl in the beginning of ad. Her presence is very subtle and blends well with rest of the ad. The events in the ad are planned to exactly pinpoint the advantages, that Panasonic's Green technology offers. The interesting part of the ad is the background music. If I am not wrong its basically a guitar with little thumping in between which sounds cool. Overall, the music has turned out to be soothing to ears and definitely takes you away from worries for a minute. The lyrics are simple to follow and conveys well what is necessary.

Sath tum ho to hai, kam duriyan,
A little less, is always better,                           (less loneliness)
Sahi galat bhi kuch hai kam,
Bindass hum,
A little less is always better,                            (less wastage)
Na koi kami yahan, 
Fir bhi ye khayal,
A little less is always better                             (less expenses)
Dil kai hain amir hum,
Na hai ab koi bhi gum,
Less is always better,                                     (less hurry)
A little less, a little less,
Thoda kum sochna
A little less is always better.                            (less worry)
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