Learning French III : Oui, Non, C'est la Vie - Contents of life

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Learning French III : Oui, Non, C'est la Vie

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Two very important words in any language are "YES" and "NO".One will always require these two words to make small conversations. Even if you do can not speak a language, just understand it little bit, you can make workable conversation by just using these two words. French translations for these two words are:
YES = Oui
NO = Non
As I mentioned in earlier post, if a word ends with a consonant  then that consonant is not pronounced in French. So, Non is pronounced pretty much like "NO" in English. I would advice to use Google translator to understand the pronunciation for "YES" i.e. Oui. To end the post I would introduce to a sentence that is very well known around the world.
C'est la Vie = That's life
Here, C'est = that is
and Vie = life
la used before vie is an article like English has "a" or "The"

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