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Border-Gavaskar trophy, 2013

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Border - Gavaskar trophy is a 4 test cricket matches contest played between Australia and India. every year. The name Border - Gavaskar comes from two well known and big players of a time, Allan Border and Sunil Gavaskar one each from Australia and India. This contest has started becoming one of the center of attraction for the Cricket lovers. Up till now, Australia has either dominated this series, or in case India won the series, the margin has been mostly minimal. But this time around, things have taken different turn. The series is still going on and already India has put the series in its pocket. Possibly for the first time in recent history has Australia experienced such an embarrassing  situation. Out of 4 matches of the series, 3 have been played and India won all of them. India just did not win these matches, but they won it mostly in 4 days keeping one day free to relax. This series has changed many equations.
To begin with, India's batting line up has once again started looking strong. We apparently are finally passing the phase where the likes of Ganguly, Laxman, Dravid, Tendulkar were inseparable part of the team. India now seem to be surviving in their absence too. India has found a replacement for Dravid finally in the form of Pujara. He has lot of patience and has a potential to become the backbone of India test match batting line up. Virat Kohli although inconsistent at times has become an important part of the team. Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan apparently are coming up as a replacement for Sehwag-Gambhir  partners. But it is too early to make a strong statement on this. We have already how Murali Vijay went down badly after his stint in IPL playing for Chennai Super Kings. I am doubtful of his survival in foreign land. Same is the case with Shikhar Dhawan. It might be his just once in life time opportunity to come in the lime light. He won't get chance to settle down in the team as he is injured to be able to play in the last test. If he plays next test series, it is against South Africa. He need to survive that test. I have some doubts though. Coming down the line up, Sachin is still playing good.  I found it funny to hear the other day when commentator Sanjay Manjrekar mentioned that Stark who was bowling Sachin that time was not even born when Sachin made his debut. I believe Sachin should play as long as he is delivering good. Dhoni is also looking in best of his niche. I admire his composed nature. I think he has brought a new definition to the position of Captain in Indian scenario. Jadeja apparently has been enjoying his new found talent in last couple of matches. He is on the way to become a permanent member of the team. Seems gone are the days when Jadeja was the center of all the jokes spread through social network.
In the bowling section, we now apparently have too many options. Seems like fast bowlers come to play just one or two matches and then they disappear some where. At present, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ishant Sharma are our lead attacks.  Zahir Khan seems to be history now. Umesh Yadav and Varun Aaron are nowhere on screen. Praveen Kumar is in news for some other reason. A lot more came and disappeared. Spin attack on the other hand is little restricted. It is centered around Ashwin and Ojha. Now that Jadeja is turning into regular bowler, there is not much room for other spinners in recent future. Harbhajan Singh appears to be struggling to be the lead spin attack of the team and it seems as if like Sehwag his future also is not very bright.
Talking about the opponent team, I feel this is the worst Australian team, India has ever played with. There was no substance in the team. I never found Clark as commanding Captain like Ponting. Ponting though an "unliked" Captain on the sub continent had an image in every body's mind. I doubt Australia has any body anywhere close to him. There were some instances where Australia showed some courage, but mostly it failed to stand up against India. When you are loosing your matches in 4 days, there can not be anything worse that that. I won't say, India was a fantastic team who excelled in all parts of the team, but it was a poor show by Australia that made India look like a very strong team.
I hope India does not make a fool of itself going to South Africa carrying this image in mind. South Africa is a totally different ballgame, that new Indian team is yet to understand.
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