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Greenply plywood: forever new

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Watched a new ad for Greenply plywood. My first reaction was why the hell Arjun Rampal needed to work in an ad for a plywood. It took me some time to understand the theme of the ad since I did not paid attention to the ad. Then one day I saw complete ad and I found it wonderful and realized that Arjun Rampal in the ad is actually a need.
Have you seen movie "The  Illusionist"?
The movie revolved around a character who creates illusions. What impresses most is the personality of the character. The basic requirement of illusionist is a personality that can attract and impresses anybody in the first moment itself. Similar is the case with this ad. The theme of the ad requires a personality who will impress anybody coming across him. And I believe Arjun Rampal did the justice to this central character. I would wonder who else could have been fit for the character. May be Hrithik Roshan. Whether he is doing an illusion or a real magic is not a question to be asked here. 
So, the ad talks about a magician named "Shaurya" who begins his journey from small village when he converts an old , ridden doll of a poor girl into a new one. What follows is then the picture moving fast forward showing his progress at different steps until some people start doubting his ability. To answer back, in his last show, he does something totally unexpected. An old Shaurya enters the box only to be rejuvenated as a Young Shaurya.
Arjun Rampal is the USP of the ad. Had he not been in the ad, probably it would have gone unnoticed. He has given very good expressions for every moment including for the old Shaurya entering the box. His body language is perfect.
The ad is worth watching for Arjun Rampal and for the concept. 
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