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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Through the Valley

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Mumbling water

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Mawsmai Caves, Cherapunji

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Down the stairs

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Saina! An inspiration

Did you manage to witness a legend being born yesterday?
I did. Early morning yesterday, the gold medal match between Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu took place. I think it was one of the best game I have seen in Badminton. Before the game I expected Sindhu to be the clear winner. But once the game started, I realized, Saina is in some different mood today. It felt as if she has decided to play this game as a do or die situation. The strength put into her every smash was terrific. The way she was moving in the court was maddening. It was clear that it is not just a game for medal, but something bigger to prove for Saina.
     Two years back in Olympics, when Saina had to be content with Bronze while Sindhu went ahead to play for Gold, peoples attitude towards Saina suddenly changed. People went to the extent of saying that there is no more need of Saina anymore, they have Sindhu to look up to now. That must have hurt. She had an operation on Knee. In between all this, she started talking about the uncertainity about her career. Just before Olymics I guess, she had to leave Gopichand's guidance and look for another coach.
In between all this Sindhu kept on rising high. There might not be any direct revelry between the two, but somewhere the conditions made them stand infront of each other. In between, during Indian internal competition, Sindhu had easily defeated Saina. So, the words of Saina's career being over became more prominent.
All these emotions must have come together and must have made Saina's game that brutal. I guess, Sindhu was not 100% fit to play the game with full potential. But still, the way Saina played, it was clear, no matter what is the situation, Saina would have prevailed over it.
The above emotion is a reflection of how she had put her whole heart out in the game and wanted to win it finally. She has proved that she really is good and no one should challenge her game. She may loose in a game or a competition, but she is the reference for Women's Badminton in India. She brought his game to a level in India, and that should always be remembered. She is a legend and a person worth following.
I salute her dedication and passion for the game. 
Saina, you are the best