Saturday, March 30, 2013

Himmatwala: Show Himmat to watch Himmat - wala

Ka Jo

 All movie lovers must be aware of the today's release an old movie "Himmatwala". I haven't watched this movie, neither the remake not the original. So, all my views expressed here are out of the impression I received from people around me and critic's views I came across.

I was wondering what is a criteria for a movie to be remade. For me, if there is a story which can be told again by molding it in real time situations. The story will then get accepted. For example a movie like "Don". I think it is a movie that one can remake many a times since the story can be adapted to real time situations. I am not sure if "Himmatwala" fall in the same category.
I haven't watched the original "Himmatwala", so, I am not really sure why this movie made it big back then. Personally, I am not a Jitendra fan. I fall in Amitabh category. So, no question of watching his movies. Second, as far as I understand, this movie had good songs that was the USP of the movie. But, I did not liked the songs of old  "Himmatwala" either. Back then, while watching these songs on "Chitrahaar", I could not understand why those songs were filmed keeping so many Tamboras around and what not. 
So, I am not sure why this movie is remade. To add to that, the ingredients of new "Himmatwala" doesn't appear impressive. Movie director is Sajid Khan. I did not liked any of his movies. Jitendra' role guess is played by Ajay Devgan. I am not sure what criteria he uses to select his movies. As far as I feel, he is an impressive actor with some very good movies and also national award in his kitty. How does he manage to slide down from his fascinating roles in movies like "Gangajal" to this role in "Himmatwala"?  I have never watched Tamanna's movies,  so do not really know what to expect from her. I guess the only thing that could be little relieving is the character played by Paresh Rawal. I guess he is playing the character played earlier by Kadar Khan in old "Himmatwala".
I went through some reviews about the movie and the comments on it by people. Based on that, I would wonder if watching this movie, even if some body pays you for that will be wise decision. Just read the comments on this review:
I also heard a review on a TV channel. I have never seen anybody bluntly criticizing any movie so badly as this movie. I remember hearing a sentence some thing like "It would require lot of courage "Himmat" to watch this movie "Himmatwala". I would wonder if even Jitendra and Sridevi would want to watch this movie.
If anybody of you could gain enough courage "Himmat" to watch this movie, kindly share experience here and let us also know if there is really any thing worth watching.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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