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Should Sanjay Dutt be pardoned?

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This news has been making rounds since the time Sanjay Dutt was given a punishment to complete three and half years in prison. This plea to relieve him from punishment is basically forwarded by a retired judge and supported by a bunch of MPs who belong to bollywood fraternity and that's why close to Sanjay Dutt. 
I am sure Sanjay Dutt is a changed man and he is doing good deeds to get into everybody's good books. He has totally changed his stance in last couple of years. Since he returned from the jail and he started working in movies again, he got into roles which will try to paint a good picture about his character. Most effective among these were the two roles in the character of Munnabhai that brought lot of praises for him and created a soft corner in every body's mind. People of new generation almost forgot the reason why he went to Jail. In addition our Judicial system is so slow that it makes everybody tolerant over the time. By the time, the verdict on some case is made, people forget the bitter truth about  the case and does not react as aggressively as they would have done, had the verdict been made immediately after the incident. 
Supreme Court found Sanjay Dutt guilty in 1993 bomb blast case. Verdict took 20 years to be finalized. A lot happens in 20 years. 20 years is one generation time. It is really difficult to decide whether to sympathize with him or still keep accusing him for an act he did 20 years back.

If this plea goes through and Sanjay Dutt is free, people probably would stop believing in Judiciary. Already it is a long process. In addition, if after the verdict, people know there are other ways to avoid punishment, every body will start taking other routes. It will also make it clear that law has different definitions for different people and it varies depending on who all you know among politicians. If Sanjay Dutt can get relief from punishment in spite of the kind of crime he was involved in, we should really forget that other celebrity people involved in relatively petty crimes will surely get through this Judicial farce. 
I believe the Supreme Courts verdict should be respected and an example should be set to let people know that all people are equal in front of Judicial system of the country.
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