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Spot fixing revealed again : Are players really this dumb?

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I was planning to write on some different topic today but the news flashing on TV at the moment compelled me to change it.  Since I have been actively writing about IPL, it is must for me to make a point on this. As the news are appearing on TV, three players of Rajasthan Royals  including Sreesanth have been arrested for Spot fixing. As is mentioned in the news, the police have very strong evidence to support the arrest of these players and there might be some more players including International ones who are involved in this crime.
Worst and most unexpected part of the news is that the three players involved belong to Rajasthan Royals headed by one of the sincere and decent players in Cricket, Rahul Dravid. Rajasthan Royals other wise have been among the top teams in the list of Fair play awards. These arrests have totally shattered their image in audience's eyes.
What makes me write this post is a question, whether players are really this dumb to get involved in such rackets or they are forced to do so probably by Underworld. After what happened recently with the three Pakistani players that finished the Cricket Career of involved players, I wonder how these upcoming players don't learn any lesson. What could be the reasons that make these players involved in such rackets. From where I stand I can see three reasons:
1) A greed to make some quick bucks with out taking any extra efforts.
2) Considering a probable end of their Cricket career, they try to make the best out of any opportunity they get.
3) Coming under pressure from Underworld trying to get a control over games.
If it is either of first two reasons, then I will call the player a real dumb. As the news suggest, Police has evidence of their communication on mobile and land line with these bookies and transaction details in their respective bank accounts. Really, are you this much dumb to leave such clear evidence behind? It only suggests that all upcoming players whether of Cricket or for any other game need to made aware not only of such threats around and also the ways it can be tracked. So, the players can either get smart enough not to get involved in these rackets or they better know that their crimes will ultimately be revealed at some point of the time.
If it is third reason, then I do not know how can it be sorted out. Big players can probably avoid this but these new and upcoming are really vulnerable. BCCI might have made arrangements to curb this problem but it might not be enough to protect these new and other wise inexperienced players.
Among the three names revealed, Sreesanth is a known name. He has represented India in many games. He comes with so much aggression on the field, that not only the opponent, but even his team mates get frustrated while controlling him. I wonder how he got involved in this fixing. Was it a fear of probably finishing Cricket career that made him take this erratic step or some other  reason. As news reveal, this issue finds connection with Underworld from Dubai and Karachi. So, there is a probability of such acts done under pressure.Other two players doesn't have experience have international cricket and probably its their inexperience that brought them to the doors of bookies.
I feel sorry for these players and for all those players who in some or other way are involved in such activities. I just hope other players now learn some lesson and this turn out be the last non sense act by players.
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