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Thums Up: Aaj kuch toofani karate hain

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A new ad by Thumbs Up has started airing on TV recently. 
USP of this ad is solely the Salman Khan
Thumbs Up has been advertising on the lines of  "Aaj kuch toofani karate hai" for past some time.But it did not really caught attention of the audience as expected.
Now, with Salman Khan as the central character, these words have got some weight.
Frankly speaking the concept of the ad is really ridiculous.
Salman and his friends go to a shop to buy Thumbs Up, which apparently is out of stock because the truck carrying Thumbs Up is stuck in traffic.So, Salman in his unique style thinks different and hires a helicopter to pick up the truck out of the traffic and drops it in front of the shop.
So, in short, its easier to get a helicopter than a Thumbs Up bottle.
But as they, anything sells under the name of Salman Khan. Even, this concept.
The picturization  of the ad is also not very impressive.
The music and the lyrics of the song are catchy though.
The lyrics are pretty much like this:
Sine main hain chingariyan 
Jo thodasa barood bharate hain
Khudse hi hum hairaan hon
Hungame wo kar gujarte hain jo
Aaj kuch toofani karte hain
Aaj kuch toofani karte hain
Towards the end, Salman in his Dabang style tries to relate the concept of the ad with the words:
"Toofan sabke andar hota hai, bus dhakkan hatane ki der hai"
which I must say sounds rather impressive in his voice and style.
Have fun with Thumbs Up....... Taste the Thunder
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