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Bharti axa insurance ad: Suraksha ka naya nazaria

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In the series of ads based on old songs as back ground, another interesting ad comes from Bharti Axa Insurance.
The classic melody "Aap yahan aai kisliye?" attracts your attention right from the word "Hello". The back ground is somewhat like a Government office, possibly a jibe at another most successful insurance group in India.
An old kind of guy comes in the office with some letter received from the insurance office. And then with every new line coming from the song, events are unfolded revealing all the cumbersome activities you need to do under the name of formalities. It  looks really good how the ad tries to connect the activities with the lines said.
The ad goes on explain how Bharti Axa insurance provides an alternative route to this unnecessary and cumbersome activities.

Using their tag line, "Suraksha ka Naya Nazaria", it offers the option of dedicated client handlers.
So, you won't need to run around offices, but their client handler will come at your door step and help you with the client settlement process.

The ad is worth watching for many reasons. First of all, comes the old melody.
Second, the way ad is portrayed on the lines of the wordings of the song makes it interesting.
Finally, the expressions of actors and events makes it a good ad

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