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Aircel Ad: Thoda Extra milta hai to achha lagta hai

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A new aircel ad has started airing on TV in last couple of days.
In contrast to what I wrote about airtel ad few posts earlier, this ad  I feel hits the nail.
The ad shows a classroom full of students desperately trying to finish their paper in time when the teacher asks them to keep the pen down.
Apparently all the students need some extra time to finish their answers and just then the teacher changes her mind and allow all of them 5 more minutes changing the expressions on students face.
It goes apt with what they want to convey:
"Thoda Extra milta hai to achha lagta hai"
Aircel is providing some free calls along with the internet package.
This advertisement is simple with a moment out of our day to day life and possibly that is why it instantly pluck the right chord.
Thats why I guess this is one ad to look out for.
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