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Mumbai Monorail

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Few days back, to be specific, February 18, 2013, many people witnessed the trial run of the Monorail that would start running regularly in coming few months between Chembur-Wadala- Jacob Circle, a route of nearly 19 kms.
People who either reside in this area or who often pass through this region get really curious while watching those tall, slim and parallel  routes that passes over their head. Everybody must be eagerly waiting for Monorail to start running on the track. 
Monorail will provide Mumbaikars with another option to travel and will try to ease burden on the local trains in Mumbai. 
But how much ease it will provide is a matter of question. I read somewhere, that the number of people who travel in Mumbai local trains during peak hours of a working day is equal to the population of Belgium. With relatively less capacity and many restrictions to follow, how much support it will provide to local train is yet to be understood.
The trial run of 1 km on February 18  discussed few issues. Apparently the AC system has still not been standardized. But it is not a big issue and will surely be sorted out.
The trip as suggested by some reporters was little bit shaky and so possibly little uncomfortable. 
The cost of travelling is apparently cheap. Minimum ticket is just Rs. 8 while the maximum is Rs.22 which means Monorail is easily accessible to normal people and there might be heavy crowd turning towards Monorail who wants to avoid crowded trains.
How Monorail will try to tackle that situation.
Since Mumbai people are used to travel in anyhow situations in locals, they might bring the same habits while using Monorail. Is Monorail efficient enough to cope with those habits or will it try to break those habit and set up a new system.
Finally, do they have plans to extend the facility on other routes earlier designed or they plan to put a halt on the extensions as rumors are suggesting.
Time has all the answers.
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