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Searching Tata Photon+

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Title might be a bit misleading. Its not really about Tata photon +, but about my today morning's experience.
I was travelling yesterday and had kept my Tata photon + dongle in my bag. This I remember very well.
Today morning when I wanted to work on Internet, I confidently opened my bag and started looking in the pocket where I remember I kept it. But to my surprise it was not there.
I started wondering where can it go? Having Internet connection at that moment was pretty important. So, in desperation, I emptied my bag and checked through all the pockets but with no success. I was left wondering about its absence, because one thing I surely remember is when and in which pocket I kept the dongle yesterday before travelling.
All then I could do was to assume  that what I think I surely remember I did yesterday was just an imagination and I forgot to take the dongle before the journey, or may be I took it, but it might have fell some where en route or somebody stole it may be. Whatever may be the reason for the dongle not being with me, I was left to do any other thing than using internet and finish all internet depending business.
So, I was sitting with all the stuff around me emptied from my bag and one thing attracted my attention. It was a  mini book light lamp that I brought with me in the bag. Mini book light lamp is a very small lamp which you can stick to your book and its light fell just on the page that you are reading. It is very useful when you are the only one awake with everybody around you sleeping and you want to read a book without disturbing  them with light.
I thought lets get this lamp started. It works on 3 button cell which are normally used in our wrist watches. At the bottom of the lamp, there is a place for the cells. It has and positive and negative ends within which the 3 cells need to be placed one next to another. I tried to fit the 3 cells in that notch. 2 cells had not problem but fitting third one was little problematic. Ultimately some how I managed to push the third one in to the notch. The lamp started working and only thing left was to cover the lid over the cells. And there I was once struggling. The third cell was really a problem because of which I could not cover the notch. So, I thought lets take out all cells and try to put them back again. Bare hands were not enough to do this task, so, I searched for a right kind of sharp object. And while I was doing that, because of the tension between the cells in the notch, two of the cells suddenly popped out of the notch, fell on the floor and started rolling. I knew it will be difficult to find them, so I observed their trajectory of motion. As it always happens, one cell rolled down the bed where it is pretty dark, uncleaned and less space to move hands and search for cell, while other cell started rolling down in exactly opposite direction. The first cell was already under the bed and no idea where it might have gone. The second cell camouflaged with the carpet texture and I lost sight of its trajectory too.
Here I am sitting in a mess I emptied from my bag with a mini lamp in hand trying to avoid third cell from felling and also trying to keep track of the two cells wandering some where in this mess.
 I thought lets first try to search for the cell under the bed, because it is more difficult part. Searching other one should be easier. Initially I tried using bare hand, but all that touched hand was dirt settled under the bed.
In disgust and desperation I tried cleaning hands with what ever was easily accessible which turned out to be the carpet. I tried to pull the bed and check if the cell has rolled down to the other end. All I could find was dirt. I thought, before messing up more, first try to get the other cell which was lost on the carpet. Fortunately, that one did not took long, though it had followed totally unexpected path.
Looking at all the dirt, I thought may be brooming will not only clean it up, but also, it might also help me find the cell. So, I broom the whole room, cleaned the carpet and then just to add even mopped the floor.
But I suppose the cell was never to be found. After all the attempts I gave up. Cleaned up all the mess I had taken out of the bag, made the bed and picked up the cushions lying around.
And there under one of the cushion, there was my Tata photon + dongle !
After spending 4 hours, making me do all undecided business and loosing one cell, I had my internet
Apparently, what my memory had missed out was I had tried to access internet much earlier in the morning. I had taken out the dongle out of my bag (implies my memory of keeping the dongle in the bag on previous day was right), but just when I was about to connect, I was directed to go and get some milk and in hurry I guess, I might have left it on the bed which went under the cushion sometime later.
Well, all is well that ends well. I finally have internet and also got a story to post on the blog.
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