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Idea ad: Valentine's day special

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Idea has brought a new ad considering Valentine's day in mind.
"Umar jo bhi ho pyar ka izhar karana ek achha idea hai"  is the theme of this ad.
It shows an old couple getting into a conversation when the old man offers a rose to the lady. It goes on to show how Idea message gave the old man an idea to express his love for the old lady although his body language and his responses in the conversation doesn't follow his actions naturally and makes you realize, it is his first ever attempt to express his love for the old lady.

The ad ends with a funny note where the lady wished to have received a Cauliflower coming at the same price as red rose.

The ad does try to give a different perspective and so it falls in its tag line's range "What an idea Sirji".
But somehow it does not ring a bell. It has nothing to make a viewer watch it again. People might even miss fact the that this ad comes from Idea, if they miss the shot showing message from Idea wishing Valentine's Day. After a successful ad campaign of  Honey Bunny (though it was not an inspiring one), this ad is not good enough to be on same level and so would fail to attract viewers. I would personally skip this ad.

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