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Hyderabad blast: and here they go again

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After a break of 6 silent months, the new season of bomb blasts is back in the Country.
6 months back, the target was Pune, that unfortunately turned into failed attempt, thanks to the nature toning down the bombs efficiency.
Over last 6 months, we thought, OK, we are back on the path of peace.
We involved ourselves in our favorite time pass, Cricket.
We got so much relaxed and assured in everything is alright now, that we even invited Pakistan to play one day series. And as soon as we put  the hands of friendship ahead, we were back stabbed with infiltration and brutal killing of our 2 soldiers in our own land.
Few good things did happened though.
Finally, our two uninvited guests Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru,who were enjoying Government facilities at our cost were hanged till death.
While rest of us considered it as a day of celebration, we heard some voices against this act. The curfew like situation in the state of Kashmir is beyond my ability to think sanely.
And now this Hyderabad twin bomb blasts is nothing but the after effects of those two big decisions.
While our Home minister is busy classifying terrorism in different colors of the spectrum, terrorists are busy in planning out different terrorist activities across the Country.
I don't understand how our system works,or does it at all work.
Apparently, an information of possible attack was provided by the intelligence 2 days back itself. But our security personnel were lethargic as usual.
May be next time, the information from intelligence should be directly provided to the public cutting out the police. This might create some chaos in the beginning. But considering the fact that our Country gets so many threats at regular intervals, the public will get used to it and learn to be careful on their own and take necessary steps and precautions when any such alert is provided.
I am amazed to read this news, where the police instead of  taking immediate action on the blast, are fighting over the jurisdiction.
Are the rules related to Jurisdiction so much stringent that Police prefers to sort that issue before taking any action. Can they not just handover the information and clues obtained?
But what can we say? We are also a part of the same society and all of us have this attitude of "Chalta hai yaar".
We seriously need a compulsory teaching on "Say no to sab chalta hai" and not just a campaign. 
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