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Pepsi ad: Jina hai abhi

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With the Summer, knocking at the doors, different cold drink houses have started airing catchy advertisements on TV.
Pepsi has a new ad running for almost 1 minute 30 seconds with some big names like Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, M. S. Dhoni  as attractions.

Theme of the ad: Jina hai abhi, abhi ke abhi.
Ad begins by introducing the theme in Ranbir's voice:

dil ka kaha sunana, to jarurat kya hai dekhana
jeene ka maja lena ho, to muhurat kya dekhna

followed by 2 lines by Priyanka Chopra:

jis waqt jo dil kare vo tabhi kyon nahi
isi waqt, isi jagah, abhi kyun nahi

And then it continues with following lyrics ( As understandable to normal human ears) :
ho jaye abhi, abhi ke abhi
ho jaye abhi, abhi ke abhi
ho jaye abhi, khwab sabhi, isi waqt, isi jagah, yahin pe abhi
oh yes abhi
haan, bas abhi abhi
khwab sabhi
le jine ka maja, abhi ke abhi

And while all this is said and sung, a football player is dying to go on the field and hit a goal, a girl wants to get a makeover, another wants a tattoo, Priyanka is desperate to go on the stage and perform, Ranbir is stuck in Traffic desperate to move and eat Bhel, panipuri while Dhoni is hitting the last six of World Cup 2011.

The ad goes on boast about the "go, get it" attitude of the young generation.

It ends with transfer of Pepsi bottle and hence the message from Ranbir to some other guy

"jina hai abhi, pina hai abhi"

The ad doesn't seem to be making a mark on viewer's mind in spite of all the big names. Somehow, the Pepsi ads with  Indian Cricket players in Blue dress has been more appealing.
In this ad also, Dhoni's dance is the best part and surprisingly his act appears quite natural.
On the contrary, the actors Ranbir and Priyanka's performance is shallow.
While Ranbir's run looks erratic, Priyanka doesn't seem to be fitting in the role of  singer. She could not bring that attitude.
Though filled with big names, this ad fail to grab attention of viewer.

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