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Fanta ad: More Fanta, less serious

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In the series of new ads for cold drinks, Fanta's new animation ad is interesting. Fanta has been doing most of the ads in animated version possibly going with their theme "More Fanta, less serious". The ad is seriously addictive. Initially, one does not care to watch or listen this ad. Although the animation is fantastic, it does not catch your attention as things are happening at such a faster speed, confusing you for an instant what's actually happening in the ad.
But then slowly the catchy music starts getting attention, and even though you don't understand a single line, you start humming with the ad. Once the music grabs your attention, you start looking at the ad more carefully. As said, animation is fantastic. Ad has an instant of a story where a girl has Fanta and people around are ready to exchange their favorite things against Fanta with the girl. The ad act as a slow poison and once you are into it then the music and the lyrics (if you can understand) will keep hovering in your mind the whole day. I tried to understand the lyrics a lot but did not succeed completely. Here is what I could understand and rectify if you understand better:

Orangi naughty babu, orangi naughty
Hai, ye le mera skateboard
Fanta fenk meri aur
Bhau bhau karta re
Bolele par fenta de de
Fenta de de
Fenta de de
Mera bhopu vala van
Tere fanta ka fan
Dekho orenagi taste hai
Fanta mera best hai
Jitna chahe utana piyo, dil hi bhare na
Fanta, fanta, fanta se bhare
Orangi baba, mast mast mast fanta ke

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