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Renault Scala: Its time to step up

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        A lot of new ads with old movie song as a background have started airing on TV now a days. Among these, the ad for Renault Scala tops the list.
        This ad has a remix version of an old song, "Yeh Dosti, hum nahi chhodenge". I must say it catches the attention of anybody in the hearing range of TV and makes them take a look on the ad. I think this song is the USP of the ad.
        After the successful attempt of gaining attention of the viewers/listeners, the theme of the ad is slowly revealed through 4 characters in the ad. Three kids see a new student in the school arriving in Renault Scala. They apparently are too much impressed by the look of the car and thus starts a series of instances giving him preference over themselves right from offering their ice cream to him to giving their number in cue in toilet to allowing him bat in spite of his pathetic abilities.
       And what they get in return is to enter in Renault Scala and and  enjoy a ride.This basically is the theme behind the ad, which is revealed in the end,

 "The world will do whatever it takes to get into the new Renault Scala. Its time to step up."

        The ad clearly explains the first line of the theme, but the second line, which actually is its tag line, does not come out clearly.
        Personally, I watch or rather listen this ad because of the 45 seconds melody it has. I just have a feeling though that it doesn't go well with the theme. But, it succeeds in showing the magic of the car that can make a person do anything just to enter into the car.

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