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Blogspot Vs Wordpress

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This might be pretty immature kind of comparison but as they say " First impression is the last impression".
So, this comparison between Blogspot and Wordpress is totally based on my first attempts to open an account under respective domains and then trying to just set up a blog.

I started using Blogspot quite a while ago. Back then, it did not offered too many options as today to make your blog look good. It even did not offered any easier way to upload many images at a time. But the first impression of Blogspot was it was "User friendly". All the options were easy to find. It was really easy to set up the blog. Creating pages, adding widgets, changing templates, settings was quite easier. And there always was an option to preview your blog while you are editing it. Probably that was the reason why I remained stuck to blogging. Had it been too clumsy to understand and to work with, I might have given up.
 Then I started hearing about Wordpress. I started realizing that people are migrating to Wordpress. I even checked some Wordpress blogs and really some of the blogs were fantastic with no comparison from Blogspot. Recently, with a specific field in mind, I was planning to open a new blog. I thought, may be using Wordpress is a good idea. So, I signed up with Wordpress and my first impression was "No, this can't be true".
      Wordpress's Dashboard seems to be going through some crisis. There are so many things on it, it would surely make a newcomer run away. Even before setting up your blog, it offers to write your first post. It has a tab for Pages. If one wants to add Pages to his blog, what he expects is once he opt to create a page, he will be asked about a title for the page, some description and a button to create a page. Once you click on create page, you should be able to check a view of  how it appears. It is expected that the new page is created with a tab to move from one page to another in the blog.
Unfortunately, it was not the story with Wordpress, there was an option for Title for the Page, option for Description but no button to create the Page. After some search and no success, I just hit enter. Apparently, the page was not only created but published as a post. There was no tab created for the page, and it appeared to me as if the separate Page I wanted to create had ended up being a post in "About me" page of the blog.
Now, Viewing the blog again is a big problem. I struggled a lot to have a glimpse of my blog and I can't even explain how I managed to do.
After struggling for almost half an hour, I thought to gave up my idea to work with Wordpress.
This was my impression of Wordpress which surely is pathetic if compared to one with Blogspot.
Surely, I will work out a way to understand and with Wordpress. But, anybody, from Wordpress, if at all come across this post, one request, make Wordpress Dashboard "User friendly"
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