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I came across this ad for airing on TV for some time.
May be some people will find it appealing but it did not impressed me. Let then it be its presentation or content or concept, nothing attracted me.

What is the concept of this ad?
In their words,
"to have the laddu, score more.
log on to and get help on your daily studies through multimedia tutorials, interactive exercises, practise tests, expert help.
top the scores, pop the laddu"

The ad shows a cut-throat competition among students to be a topper in merit list and portrays this top position in the form of Laddu. Now all I could understand out of the ad is, it is ok to demean others success and snatch their joy (aka laddu) even out of their mouth.
While many of the states in India like Maharashtra have stopped releasing the merit list to avoid the unnecessary competition and suicide of the students who fail to make it to the list, how is this ad helping?
While we watch movies like "3 idiots" and understand that its not about being a topper, but understanding the subject is more important, how is this ad helping?

I think the ad fails to portray the concept and intentions of properly.
If you again read their words, its the second line (orange) which actually should be forcefully put, but all efforts go on to highlight the third line (yellow) telling you to snatch the joy out of others mouth.

Agreed that their is cut-throat competition in the world and you have to be on your toes all the time, but, what good is it going to do by imbibing this idea in kids mind.

Some thing to think over for every body.
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