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Tata Docomo: Luck works sometimes, only sometimes

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Tata Docomo is airing two ads on TV recently with a theme "Luck works sometimes, only sometimes".
They have turned out to be interesting.
The first ad has a guy withdrawing money and a robber asks him on a gunpoint to withdraw 25k. Luckily, ATM machine runs out of cash and he is saved from being robbed. Though, this ad doesn't go convincing, it makes its point and makes you smile.

The other ad is interesting. A guy showing off his nunchaku skills to his friends and girls sitting nearby misses a grip. The girls who were earlier making fun of him are just then impressed when his nunchaku avoids a ball directed towards girls, just in time.
 This ad exactly brings out the point "Luck works sometimes, only sometimes."

Though, an experienced can not avoid feeling that the ball after hitting nunchaku is now directed towards few other guys sitting nearby.Guess their luck wasn't running high that time.
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