Afzal Guru hanged

A big news of the day: Afzal Guru has been hanged !
With in a period of 3 months second big news has appeared. Its still a news that Kasab has been hanged and now is the turn of Afzal Guru.
With this a big burden on the shoulders of the Government is over. Now, India can save some money which was earlier wasted on their protection.
We must congratulate our President Pranab Mukharjee, since he showed that even President matters by taking 2 bold decisions.
As many would speculate, a little doubt do arise, whether these decisions were taken considering upcoming elections.
I wonder why is it required to increase the security in Jammu and Kashmir. Are we scared of Public outrage there or some militant activity?

Well, now at least Indians can take a sigh of relief for some time before some new unwanted guest arrives to enjoy Government facilities.
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