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SBI ad: Valentine's day centered

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I wrote about an Idea ad, based on Valentine's day. Guess I opted for a wrong ad that day. Instead I should have talked about this ad coming from the SBI Life Insurance.

If we compare the two ads, background is pretty much similar. While the old man in Idea ad brought a rose as a gift, here, its diamond.

While the old lady in both the ads criticized the move by the old man, what's different in the two ads is how they end.
The Idea ad ended with the old lady still in the negation mood preferring a Cauliflower over rose, in this ad, the old man persuades the old lady to accept the gift giving a very sweet reasoning
"but how is the diamond to know your age"

With this reasoning it beautifully tries to connect the situation with the theme behind the ad and the scheme offered by SBI.
So, SBI is offering a scheme

"SBI Life Insurance's Lifelong Pensions Plan"

which supports the theme,

"So that the lack of money doesn't come in the way of love"

I think it is a very beautifully captured advertisement and should surely connect with the audience immediately.
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