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Mahindra XUV 500: Hum hain Rawan

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A breathe taking ad for nature lovers, wild life lovers, trekkers has been brought by Mahindra.
An ad for Cheetah inspired  Mahindra XUV 500.
The ad depicts a group of three friends sitting at home when one girl in the group while going through a book of  wild voyage stumbles upon a page that instinctively make the group go on  a Safari.
What follows then is a beautiful encounter of  Wild Life, while travelling in XUV 500.
After searching a lot and disappointed, just when they were loosing hope, they encounter what they initially started their journey looking for, a free spirit Cheetah just in front of XUV 500.
This is one of the most amazing ads I  have come across recently.
I find every thing perfect in this ad.
The group of friends instantly reminds you and takes you back to the days of "Dil Chahta Hai" and their instinctive trip to Goa.
Back ground music piece is amazing.
Its a dream of every nature lover or wild life lover to be able to go on such Safari and encounter something otherwise unbelievable.
I don't remember, when was the last time, I was mesmerized by beautiful lyrics in a ad before.
Here are the lyrics as I understood:

Hum hain rawan
Dil hai jawan
Nai rah hai
Naya asman
Udate pankhon ke nishan
Karte hain hamse ye bayan
Hai  sun ye dastan
Yeh dastan-----------------
Kya pata kaisa ye jadu
Hawaon mai halchal
Gungunati jamin hai
Ga rahe badal
Ye dastan----------
Haan ye dastan
Hum hai rawan
ho--, Dil hai jawan
hai jawan
Dundhe jisco hai nazar
Har jagah har mod par, darbadar
Na milte milte woh mil gaya
Mil gaya-----
Haan voh mil gaya
The ad has actually been successful in not only grabbing the attention of the audience towards its product but also in igniting an urge to probably go and buy XUV 500. If not for any other reason, I will probably end up buying XUV 500 because of this ad and the dreams it has portrayed in front of my eyes.
The ad beautifully depicts what it mean with the tag line for Mahindra, "May your life be full of stories".

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