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I say no to sab chalta hai

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My earlier post ended with  a suggestion of having compulsory lessons to groom the concept of "Say NO to sab chalta hai" attitude.
I actually happen to come across something displaying an ad about a contest with the name " I say NO to Sab Chalta Hai".
I went with the title of the contest without exploring what this contest is all about, while I mentioned the contest in my post.
Later on I decided to explore it with a thought, that the contest might actually be doing what I just mentioned in the post.
Guess, I was wrong. You may read more about the campaign here:
Contrary to my imagination, the contest is restricted to the choice of different consumer products.
This campaign has been started by the Performance Materials Division of Merck. The theme behind the campaign is to make consumers aware of the fact that they don't have options in choosing the products they need. What ever options are provided to them, they are restricted to use them.
It indirectly means that consumers do not have the control on the quality of the product and as a result they end up using products with low and unsafe products.
The campaign urges the customers to say "NO" to such products and in turn demand for the products with good quality.
The main target fields of the campaign are the beauty products and hazardous chemical based products.
More information about the basic theme behind launching such a campaign can be found at:
I think with in its range the campaign has thoughts worth appreciating.
But I wish to urge people to extend the theme of this campaign "SAY NO to sab chalta hai" in all different runs of life.
It is our this attitude that is keeping us behind. whether it is the case of terrorism or development or poor governance, we are all responsible to this and only by changing our attitude of sab chalta hai we can bring some change.
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