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Gillette ad: "Soldier for women"

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Gillette had started a new ad campaign on TV with a tag "soldier for women".
The ad looks appealing. It gives a message:
"Soldiers wanted, not to guard the borders, but, to support the most important battle of the nation, to stand up for women, because, when you respect women, you respect the nation".

I think, the USP of the ad is its back ground music.With in a period of 30 seconds, it manages to garner the attention of the viewer and for a moment forces them to give a thought about the issue of women protection.

Another positive thing about the ad is the way its moments are captured. I don't know why but the way ad is shown in black and white creates an impression. It makes the ad stand out of all the ads running along with it on TV at that moment. It also makes it clear that there is a soldier hidden in every body who can take up the task of protecting a woman in need at any instant any where. He may be Gym teacher, a corporate guy, an artist or a barber doesn't matter. Each one of us is a soldier.

What didn't go well with me about the ad is it does not represent the whole spectrum of women in it. All women shown appear to be from well to do back ground with good professional background. In 5 clips moments showing women, none of them comes from lower working class.
   It then gives a feeling that the ad seems a bit biased. Apparently, people who use Gillette, does not come from lower working class. And so if those Men are targeted through this ad, then it is a good idea to show kind of women, these men deal with in day to day life. They might then understand the kind of insecurity, the women they deal with regularly, might be feeling.

The ad makes a good impression when you watch it for first few times. But then if such things are noticed unknowingly, then, one might start wondering, are they actually sincerely trying to bring a revolution through this ad, or is it just an attempt to gain some advantage and actually advertise their product under the name of current hot issue of women's freedom.

Well thats an opinion made out of repeated observation and probably drifting away from the topic.

But two lines mentioned towards doesn't really go well with the theme of the ad.

First, " Gillette salutes the soldier in you".
For what? I doubt the soldier in us has really tried yet to enter in to this battle.
Probably, it should be more like "Gillette appeals the soldier in you".

Second, the tag line of the product.

"Gillette, the best a man can get"

So, finally, it boils down to the wishes of man !!

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