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USHA Fans: Air experts

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In the series of commercials for Fans, USHA has brought a commercial that may catch the eyes of the viewers. It is an interesting commercial based on a theme, "At USHA, we don't just study air, we play with it." The commercial shows a so called USHA airlab where research on air and fans is going on. One of the Scientist then gets in to the mood of playing and tosses a ball in air. The commercial then goes on to show in playful manner, the varieties in USHA fans and how they can be used in different ways.The scientists play a game using fans and cooler to put the ball in a basket with out allowing it to fall down on floor.
First of all it is heartening to see such an efficient and modern lab dedicated for a mere fan that keeps rotating on your head all the time. I wish it is true. Second, it shows a lot of varieties that USHA has under its belt. I liked the simple ways by which different functions of USHA fans and coolers are used in the commercial. I specifically would mention here about the functionality where USHA fans can suck air in contrast to its regular function of blowing air.
The commercial has turned around to be a good one to watch.  I was just wondering that the commercial missed a basic observation. When so many fans are running around and so much air is flowing at a speed to keep a ball floating in air, how it does not blow any of the scientists hair. Expect for the bald scientist, I would expect some movement with people's hair. But then such minute details doesn't matter. The commercial is good  to watch but I suspect it will pull any crowd for USHA fans in the shops as in India people do not go to buy fans after watching a commercial. It mostly depends on whatever brand is available in the shop at the corner and how much shopkeeper is ready to reduce the price.
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