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Havells Fans: Hawa Badlegi

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Summer is here and so are the commercials for Fans. A set of good ads from Havells has started airing on TV that catches your attention. With its simple message of "Hawa Badalegi" it tries to convey a lot more than just advertising for their Fans. In today's time when one would watch the ads for AC with Katrina Kaif in it, these commercials stand out and makes you think not just about the fans you might buy this season, but also about the social message they convey through these ads.
The moments captured in these ads are from day to day experiences. But they make you realize how a small change in your attitude can make life better for some one around you. Whether it talks about the equality for women by abolishing the norm of keeping Husband's Surname and changing Wife's one or allowing the servant to share your table for lunch.
The commercials are beautifully planned and it conveys the message perfectly. The expressions on every persons face speak a lot more than words. Do watch these commercials for they might tweak  a little your way of thinking for the betterment of some one around you.

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