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IPL6: An intriguing observation

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Its been over a week now since IPL has started. All the nine team have played around 2-3 matches each. While watching these matches, something peculiar caught my attention. Comparing that with the earlier observations intrigued me about the way we Indians think and react.
Take a look at these player:

Adam Gilchrist (42) : Retired from active Cricket many years back but still not just playing but Captaining Kings XI Punjab.

Bret Lee (36): Retired due to injuries, but always fit to play in IPL.                                               

Ricky Ponting (38): Retired from all forms of International Cricket. Playing and Captaining Mumbai Indians.

Muralitharan (~40): Retired but now an integral part of Royal Challengers Bangalore.                               

In contrast take a look at these players:

Saurav Ganguly (40): Pushed to retirement from all formats of Cricket. IPL career remained always controversial and struggled to continue playing in IPL for odd reasons.

VVS Laxman (38): One of the finest batsman of India. Retired in controversial manner from international cricket. Unlike Rahul Dravid, could not get another opportunity to adjust to new format of 20:Twenty,vanished. 
I remember the way players like Ganguly, Jafar, Laxman, Dravid were always in news during earlier IPL series. They were criticized for being greedy and trying to extend their cricket career while they don't fit in the format. They all were shown the doors because of their growing age giving suggestions that 20: Twenty is for young generation. 
I don't hear a single such word for the old foreign players. How is their playing justified. Are they doing some sacred service to cricket by playing in IPL even after their retirement. Are they not greedy at all ? Interesting thing is even they are really performing any good on the ground.

I also remember people in past were all praising Anil Kumble for retiring from IPL saying he is not greedy for money as his fellow players like Sachin and Ganguly In this context, I would like to add a name here. South African player Morkel who at the age of 32 has made it clear that he won't even try to qualify for his national team and is happy to play for CSK in competitions like IPL. But Morkel is going to be one hell of a famous player in IPL.

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