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Domino's Pizza Mania: Party badi honi chahiye

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An interesting commercial for Domino's Pizza has started airing on TV since last couple of days. The commercial is very simple but at the same time conveys message. In the commercial a guy takes up a job of being a dinosaur in a zoo. On his first day at the zoo, he goes through many difficulties, mostly the humiliating incidences. But he still keeps his spirit high for the whole day and does his job well. After the duty is over, he receives his first salary that makes him happy and he decides to celebrate. Now, the kind of salary he receives is possibly not enough to celebrate or to throw a party otherwise. But Domino's solve his problem with their new offer that starts at a minimum of Rs. 44. Domino's makes his day and gives him and his friend party at cheaper way to party.
The ad is simple and pretty much self explanatory. What makes it more interesting is the back ground music that keeps you glued to the ad and suits the movements of a funny dinosaur roaming around in zoo. The expressions of the guy are fantastic when he receives his salary. Reminds of our first salary and the feelings associated. Domino's minimum though reduced to Rs. 44, it still is way above the limit of Rs. 32 decided by the government as an amount suitable for one to live comfortably. In that regard, KFC and McDonald are one step ahead. Though their servings are different, but still.
I am not sure if visiting Domino's is a good idea or not, but watching this ad surely is.
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