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And they are back again. But this time in foreign land. Just few months back, I wrote a post on Bomb blasts that happened in Hyderabad and now so sooner I am writing one again. This is sad. One fine Sunday, when people are out to enjoy the off day with their family and friends, participating in activities and expect just to have some good time, you come across some such uncalled incident you don't want to be a part of. Yesterday,  people of Boston were out of their houses for a similar event in their city a marathon race which is pretty famous across the country and the world. It was all going fine till the people near finish line experienced this horrific incident. A series of 5 bombs were planned to blast. Three did their job but two others were diffused in time. By this time 3 people fall pray to these blasts including an eight years old kid and more than 140 people are injured with 15 of them critical. 
As the sources say, these blasts were not strong and their main intention was  to spread terror among people.Unlike us, US citizens are probably not used to such terror activities happening  regularly in their back yard and so it might actually affect them. And so, the US government will take extra measures on the security of their city here on wards and also to find the culprits behind these attacks as soon as possible. I am actually writing this post to keep a count of days/months/years/decades, it will take them to reach up to the collars of the culprits and bring them to punishment.
In India we are more used to Bomb Blasts. On an average we come across news of serial blasts once in a 2-3 months. People now don't really care about the terror it might spread among people. Do you remember when the latest Hyderabad blasts happened and if the culprits are caught. I am pretty sure nobody remembers it by now. In places like Mumbai, it has become a ritual to just confirm the place where blast took place and if it is in their way, change the route so as to avoid the traffic jam. Under the name of spirit to go ahead and not terrorized by such incidents we have actually become senseless towards such incidents and don't realize how many lives are effected by these blasts. Many of us end up joining a candle rally at the most. But then we forget, because we have a lot more to worry about and we know its going to happen soon and we either will fall pray to some such incident or we will join another candle rally.
I don't understand why these things happen. Why someone wants to kill people, that too by exploding them. What will one gain by killing so many people. Even if somebody achieves something out of this, can they forget that they are sitting on a pile of so many dead people. Avoiding every such incident is not really possible. I guess some other ways that will help to change the mentality behind such attacks should be taken up to remove the problem from its roots.
Precaution is better than Cure but time has come to eventually find a cure to completely remove the disease.
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