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Narendra Modi at FICCI and the biased media

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While browsing channels yesterday, I happened to come across an event organized by FICCI. It was centered around Women Entrepreneurship, Women empowerment. What made it such  a talked about event is the presence of Narendra Modi as the speaker.
I have never really heard him talking before. So, I did not know what to expect. Right from the way he stands on the podium to the way he talks and how he talks, everything is pretty much first time experience. Also, I started watching the event somewhere from middle, so, I do not know the over all impression of his talk.
After listening him, my immediate impression was positive. He is a good orator. He knows how to keep audience connected and interested in his talk. He makes people laugh at regular intervals. He also leave any chance to take a dig at the opponents. But he also talks sense. He sounds knowledgeable. He perfectly  follows the basic trick of a successful talk. He makes a comment. Elaborates. Supports it with a relevant example with all technical detail and again reminds you of the basic statement to complete the point.
 I was pretty much impressed by his talk (part that I heard). Forget any other Chief Minister, I have not seen any Central Minister or even Prime Minister making a comment full of all the technical details,explained  in simple words understandable to a normal person with out referring to any written note. I guess that's the reason why I did not feel like changing the channel that I otherwise do and listened him.
Well that was my impression about his talk. I did not know his talk is so much talked about by the media. Almost all the news channels had a panel ready to discuss Narendra Modi's talk and rate it on points basis. I was little surprised initially and later disgusted to see the way these Panels were discussing his talk. Almost all the panels were criticizing him and rating his talk as average. I would understand the criticism if it is based on proper and detailed analysis on every point he discussed or  new  reforms he introduced to make women's situation better in his state. But that was not the case. 
I found that the approach of these panels was just to criticize him. There was a guy on ABP news who pointed out that what Narendra Modi said, he could have said it more precisely and in simple and short way. According to him, Narendra Modi spent too much time making a point. Funny part is the person criticizing himself took more that 5 minutes to make this point. Finally, the anchor had to intervene by stopping him abruptly and summarizing his point to move on to next person.
There was another guy on some panel who said Narendra Modi unlike Rahul Gandhi stood at a place all the time while delivering his talk. According to him this is old fashioned unlike Rahul Gandhi's modern way of taking mic in hand and walking around. The person making this point himself was sitting in chair railing behind for the support with out any other movement  than his wagging tongue.
A lady enterpreneur who attended the talk was disappointed because Narendra Modi did not talked about any other issue than what was specific for that podium. I guess he was given  a specific topic to talk and he knew the target audience is Women. I don't know what that particular lady was expecting to hear because she herself did not pointed out a single issue that she wanted Narednra Modi to talk about.
Apparently, Narendra Modi started his talk (which I missed) by talking about word "Matru" to make a foundation for his talk. I did not hear it so really don't know what his direction was, but I am surprised how one of the anchor herself and a guy on her panel tried to analyse his usage of word "Matru". They some how managed to connect his views behind word "Matru" to treating women in old fashioned way where women means house hold work and nothing else.
 On the contrary, when same TV channels tried asking some of the women entrepreneurs who attended the talk about their impression, they were all pretty happy with it. Some of them said initially it sounded like a "Pravachan", but later on he took a good grip and talked sense. I even remember the lady I mentioned earlier initially criticizing Narendra Modi for not covering the Broad Canvas (probably the reason why chosen for the panel discussion), but when another lady standing next to her was all praise for Narendra Modi's talk, she changed her tone and tried to make it sugar coated.
I am not giving any impression about Narendra Modi here. My reason to write this topic here is the apparent biased media. Media is trying to paint a picture which possibly is not true. They should try to be neutral and put the real thoughts in front of the audience. Make a sensible analysis  rather point out how one talks and how one stands.
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