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Terrorists caught: situations in US vs India

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If you are following the news, you must be aware of the current status on bomb blasts in Boston and Bangalore. People responsible for the blast in Boston marathon have been caught with in a period of one week. The investigations were so quick that by now whole world knows what kind of bomb was used, how  was it prepared, who was responsible and what was the motive behind the blast. Out of the two guys responsible one is already dead while  other one is in custody and soon a proper justice will be done. Since the blast took place last Sunday, it has been in news all the time with every small development revealed from time to time. Police even used twitter to convey message that the culprits have been caught.
Now compare the situation with a similar incident that happened in Bangalore on following Wednesday. A bomb blast took place in Bangalore that injured around 15 people. The situation after six days of incident is we have almost  forgotten about the incident. All the information that is available is it is not an internal activity keeping upcoming elections in mind and there was a bald guy who left the bike at the place some 20 minutes before the blast. That's all. We do not know who planted it, why the blast took place, who was the target and when will the culprits be behind the bars.
Even if the culprits are caught, it will take ages to bring them to justice. 1993 bomb blast cases are now towards the fag end after some 21 years.  2009 Pune blast decision were given recently after some 5 years. And there were many other blasts in between which are now totally forgotten.
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