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Good Knight Low Smoke Coil: Machhar Mila Kya

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I came across these series of interesting commercials for "Good Knights low smoke coil". These ads have turned out well and gives you a reason to smile. The commercial series revolves around an old couple. According to the lady there is no mosquito in their home. The old guy challenges this proposition and on bet is his chair which the lady would get if he can not find any mosquito and if he manages to get one, he will be entitled to 2 spoons of sugar in his tea.

The series follows different scenes how the old guy tries hard to find one mosquito at home. Instead he keeps getting other lost items that reminds him of his college days or their honeymoon days.

And later on when he could find one mosquito, to avoid embarrassing defeat of the hands of his wife, he tries to get one from neighbor's home. 

The series has turned out be very good. The actors have done great job and look genuine in their roles.
I am not really sure if Good Knight Low smoke coil is this much effective or not but this ad series has been effective in reaching the households and steal viewers 30 seconds in the break
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